Daylite 5 is here

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Today, Marketcircle have launched Daylite 5 – a brand new take on the most powerful CRM tool for Mac. There are great new features such as: • Timeline – allowing you to easily browse your activities • Insight View – a great visual summary of your business data • Repeating Tasks – allowing tasks you do regularly to be automatically set • editing Daylite items within Mail • an improved sidebar • advanced filtering • a brand new look for iPhone and iPad; and much, much more. At Lgo, we’ve been testing...

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Thinking of starting up your own business? We can help

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The BBC has reported this week that, according to the latest estimates by the Office for National Statistics, the number of people out of work in the UK fell by 125,000 to 2.34 million between October and December. What’s interesting is figures also show the number of self-employed workers has increased by 172,000 to 4.37 million. If starting up your own company is something you are considering, one thing you must think about is the need for modern software tools to assist you with the day-to-day running of the business. With an array of...

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Congratulations to Gareth Watson, our CEO, on his new Scouting role

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Gareth has been appointed as Chief Commissioner of Scouts Wales. He will be working together with another manager to share the role. Together, they will be leading the organisation of 15,000 young people and 3,200 adult volunteers in the delivery of the strategic vision for 2018. What’s even more exciting is that they are the youngest senior volunteer team to be appointed in the history of the movement! Gareth commented, “Scouting in Wales is growing fast. It is more fun and adventurous than ever before and young people can gain so much...

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Merlin 2 & Billings Pro

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A very popular feature in Merlin 2 was the built in script that allowed you to data to Billings, allowing you to plan your project and then directly bill your clients. Unfortunately there was never a version produced to connect to Billings Pro. Until now that is. With Marketcircle ending support for Billings and focusing attention on Billings Pro, we decided to look at how to make the transition easier for customers who were still using Billings – and we decided that a major workflow change such as not being able to directly bill your...

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MerlinDayliteLink Version 2.1 Now available

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We’ve just released a new update for our popular tool the MerlinDayliteLink.   The MerlinDayliteLink combines the power of Merlin (Project Management tool for Mac) with Daylite (CRM tool for Mac) to allow you to save time and money when managing your projects. New in version 2.1: The ability to use a Merlin additional field to add items to Daylite project pipelines. For more information on the MerlinDayliteLink, to purchase or download the trial, please visit...

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Lgo Merlin World Tour

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This Autumn our popular Merlin classroom course will be having it’s first ever mini world tour across two continents. North America Toronto, Canada – October 1st & 2nd First we’ll be running a Managing Projects with Merlin Training in association with TechPal in Toronto Canada. More details and bookings are available on the TechPal website. United Kingdom London – October 9th&10th After that we’re coming back home to the UK to run our next London training. There’s been lots of interest in this one,...

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Our Daylite & Billings Pro Numbering Tool

Posted by on Jun 29, 2012 in Billings Pro, Custom Tools, Daylite | 5 comments

One of our most popular custom tools for Daylite and Billings Pro is our Project Numberer. It allows you to create a unique number for each project or opportunity. It’s quite a neat little tool, but it wasn’t without a few little snags. Firstly, there was a risk of duplicate numbers when using it on offline databases. Billings Pro and Daylite databases are stored locally and synch with a server every few minutes. If two users create projects between synchs, the project numbers may get duplicated. Not very much of a problem if you’ve just...

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Billings Pro Hints & Tips – Scripts Menu

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Custom tools for Billings Pro are great, but there is one thing about them that’s annoying – you normally have to leave or minimise Billings Pro to use them (as most people keep them on their desktop). We’ll we’ve just discovered a more convenient way. You can run your script from the right handside of the Mac menu bar. Here’s how: Open Applications -> Utilities -> Apple Script editor Then go to Apple Script editor menu -> Preferences Check Show script menu in Menu bar Uncheck show computer scripts The menu items...

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Billings Pro Markup Tool

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This was a request from a client who originally wanted a feature in an invoice. They wanted us to automatically add 5% onto all slips on the invoice to cover project expenses. Pretty easy to do, but as we told them there would be one problem – the totals in Billings Pro would not match up with what was paid which could be confusing and would be a bad working practice. So we thought it would be better if you could automatically take all of the project slips, calculate 5% and add a new slip reflecting this expenses – so that’s what...

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Billings Pro Project Numberer

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Want to be able to easily search for, organise or differentiate between projects in Billings Pro? How about giving each project a unique number? That way you just have to search for the numbers, active projects are sorted in numerical order and you can differentiate between similar projects. It would be difficult though – wouldn’t it? You’d have to look up the next number whenever you create the project, right? Wrong! We have a tool to do this for you. We store a completed project in Billings Pro and use an extra field to store a...

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