Daylite Sales Funnel

Straightforward visual report

Free for all Daylite users

Track Pipeline Stages

Displays pipeline stages for all, open, or lost opportunities. Visualise your progress!

Conversion Rate

Calculates your conversion rate quickly,
so you can assess performance

Track $ £ €

Track the value of your opportunities,
see the total of your potential sales

How does it work?

Our Sales Funnel Report gives you a clear visual summary of your pipeline stages for all, open, or lost opportunities, for a set time period. It also gives details of the percentage and value of these pipeline stages, plus your win/loss rate.

You choose the opportunity pipeline and timeframe to report on, and Daylite’s interactive report does the rest.



Have your own report ideas?

This is just a taster of reports that can be produced for use in Daylite.
Contact us if you have an idea for a report that would help your business.

System requirements
We have developed the report using macOS 10.14 and Daylite 6.

Further help can be found here.

Download for free

We’re providing this report for free, all you need to do is click ‘Download now’, complete the form and we’ll send you a link.

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