Combine the power of Merlin & Daylite

Plan your projects in Merlin, allocate your team tasks, sent them to Daylite and let your team deliver on time, every time.


  • Link a Merlin project to an existing Daylite project
  • Create Merlin resources from the active Daylite users
  • Create a Daylite project from a Merlin project
  • Create Daylite tasks from Merlin activities
  • Create Daylite appointments from Merlin activities
  • Create Daylite events from Merlin milestones
  • Assign users of Daylite tasks and appointments using Merlin resources
  • Update Merlin activities using changes to Daylite tasks/appointments
  • Update Daylite Tasks or Appointments with changes of Merlin Activities
  • Daylite activity due dates populated from Merlin’s planned dates
  • Daylite activity start and end dates and time populate Merlin’s actual date and time
  • Merlin actual date and time can be pushed to Daylite’s tasks and appointments
  • Milestones can be created as events in Daylite
  • New version checker every time the tools are run.
  • Use Merlin additional field to add items to Daylite project pipelines

System requirements:

  • Daylite 5 or 6
  • Merlin Project 4 or 5
  • Merlin 3.1.9 or later
  • For Merlin 2, the old link can be found here
  • Mac OS X 10.11.6 or later
  • 20Mb disk space
  • Release notes for updates
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