Merlin Online Training

A flexible approach


Pick the topics that you need to know or focus on so you don’t spend time on things you don’t need. Our webinar tools will allow you to interact with our expert so your questions can be answered.


Sometimes you just can’t get away or you only need smaller bite size chunks of information; this is where remote training works its best.

To Suit You

Available as group or one to one sessions, choose what works best for you. Choose from one of our standard training modules or let request something specific that will help you learn at the pace you require.

Online Training Classes

 Below is a list of our current online training classes for Merlin. You can also book these as private or group sessions as a time that will suit you.

Would you like to discuss your training options?

Need to work out what’s best for you? Would you prefer a one-to-one or in-house course?

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