We’ve been very busy working on custom reports for our customers. The report engine in Daylite is really powerful and you can make it visual and interactive – with a bit of creative thinking! We want to show you how great it is, so we’ve made a free report for all Daylite users.

Our new Sales Funnel Report gives you a clear visual summary of your pipeline stages for all, open, or lost opportunities, for a set time period. It also gives details of the percentage and value of these pipeline stages, plus your win/loss rate. You choose the opportunity pipeline and timeframe to report on, and Daylite’s interactive report does the rest.

And the best part – it’s free!

Download here

This is just a taster of reports that can be produced for use in Daylite. 
Contact us if you want to customise this report or have an idea for a report that would help your business.

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