Collaborate and share your Projects like a pro!

Merlin is the best Project Management tool for Mac – now you can use it to share your projects with your team and collaborate on them together. And best of all – we’ll host your projects for you!

At LgoKnowledge we are able to offer Cloud hosting for your Merlin Server. This means you can share and collaborate on your projects with your team without having to worry about hosting your own data or maintaining your own server – we’ll do it all for you.

Connecting and working on projects is simple and easy. Just take a look at the video below!

Why Merlin Cloud?

  • Share and collaborate on projects
  • Secure UK hosting
  • Fast setup
  • Simple pricing
  • Month by month contract
  • Add or remove users when you want

Having problems?

If you need an extra hand setting up Merlin or getting it working, give us a call on 0203 390 5549 for a chat
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