Daylite works at the core of your business,

helping you stay on track and deliver on time

We can help your business get the most from Daylite, support you and configure Daylite,
train your team, and customise the software to suit your business

What Daylite does

Daylite is a flexible tool that can be customised to suit a range of functions and businesses. Using features that include shared user calendars, contacts and sales management, along with basic project tracking, Daylite can help you manage your whole business. One of the most attractive benefits of Daylite is the ability for it to be rolled-out in stages within a company, providing you with steady, manageable change that improves your business at every stage.

Daylite features include:

  • Cloud – all the benefits of working with a real Mac app, with the convenience of the cloud
  • Task Management – flexible task lists, smart filtering, faster editing and new iOS features
  • Powerful Scheduling – calendar year view and mini calendar
  • Productivity – informative pipelines, opportunity and project highlights
  • Do more within Daylite – call and FaceTime integration, support for iWork 15, view addresses in Maps, quick link buttons, multiple file and reference linking
  • Great iPhone & iPad apps – Today widget, filtering on the go, link files and photos, preference editing, notification and invite editing.

Migrating to Daylite 6

Are you already using Daylite and would like to upgrade to Daylite 6? Either self-hosting or Cloud – or maybe you want the convenience of Cloud but have special requirements for data storage? Upgrading can be tricky, but we can help. Get in touch.

Try or subscribe to Daylite from the Marketcircle website

How LgoKnowledge can help

Get going

Maybe you’ve seen Daylite and like the look of it, maybe you’ve been trying it and want to know if it’s the right solution for you, or maybe you want some help deciding on what option suits you best? We can help – our experts can advise you before you make the big step to buy Daylite.


You’ve bought Daylite and are starting to use it. Daylite is simple and easy to use, but to get the best out of it you have to look at how it fits into your existing business structure and workflows – and adapt it to fit. We can help – we’ll speak to you, look at how you do things and make Daylite work for you.


You have Daylite and have been using it for a while, but there’s still something missing? This is where we need to customise it. We can help provide reports, plugins and integration to get Daylite working to its maximum potential for your business.

Training and coaching

Daylite is easy to figure out and simple to use, but perhaps you’re new to Daylite and want to know quickly how it works? Or are you an experienced Daylite user who just needs help with a few advanced features?
Whether you occasionally use Daylite and need to know the basics or have new starters at your company who need to be brought up to speed, we offer Daylite coaching and training sessions, both in person and online. We provide help at your pace and suited to your business.


Do you need some regular assistance with Daylite? We offer help and support plans for those who want us to help look after their Daylite – both on self serve and in the cloud.
We also offer Daylite hosting in UK datacentres for businesses who need their data stored in the UK for legal requirements. Please get in touch for more information.

Want to know more about Daylite?

Call us on 0203 390 5549 for a chat.
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