When things go wrong in Daylite we can help

Jul 16, 2015 | Custom Tools, Daylite

So, you’ve imported data into Daylite, but there was an error in the CSV file which results in each email address allocated to the wrong contact name… disaster! What do you do?

This happened to a client of ours. They had collected data at a trade show to use for marketing purposes, and collated it into one spreadsheet. They then imported the data into Daylite, but hadn’t noticed that  the column of email addresses had accidentally been shifted up one row. The email addresses therefore did not match the rest of the contact information in each row and so, when imported into Daylite, the email addresses were allocated to the incorrect contacts. This import contained several hundred contacts – some of which were already in the database, so overwrote the previous information.

This error was noticed a week after the import, so if they rolled their database back to how it was before the import, they would have lost a week’s worth of data. They came to us for help and we had a better solution.
We worked with them to correct the data and produced a script to correctly match each contact with their correct details. With some creative thinking, we managed to avert disaster, and no data was lost.

If you experience any problems with Daylite or your data, contact us – we can help.


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