Billings Pro Project Numberer

May 28, 2012 | Billings Pro, Custom Tools, Daylite

Want to be able to easily search for, organise or differentiate between projects in Billings Pro? How about giving each project a unique number? That way you just have to search for the numbers, active projects are sorted in numerical order and you can differentiate between similar projects.

It would be difficult though – wouldn’t it? You’d have to look up the next number whenever you create the project, right? Wrong! We have a tool to do this for you. We store a completed project in Billings Pro and use an extra field to store a number. You then just run a script. The script creates a new project and uses the number in the extra field in the name. It then automatically updates that number to the next one. It’s so quick and easy!

We can also do this for multiple numbers – say you want a letter in front of the number to differentiate between types of work, or perhaps different numbers for different types of projects (1xxxx for job type A, 2xxxx for job type B, etc.) We also have a version of this script that works for Daylite.

If you’re interested in this tool or have an idea for one, then get in touch with us and we can help!


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