Lgo Status Tool

Get Proactive with your Technology - Receive a warning before something goes wrong
Often, with technology and IT systems, you find yourself being reactive rather than proactive – fixing a problem after it occurs, potentially losing time, money and even data.
Is there a better way? Yes, and we can help.
For just £2.99 per computer a month, we can provide you access to the Lgo Status Tool. It’s a simple tool that runs in the background of your computer and reports hourly of any problems that may have arisen, which you can access via a dedicated dashboard.
These include:
  • Backups – reports on Time Machine, Crashplan, Backblaze and many other backup systems
  • Malware – yes, even on a Mac platform, these scans will detect Malware, annoying Adware, and browser add ons and tell you how to remove them
  • Hard Drive Problems – checking for disk hardware errors, SMART errors and Kernel panics
  • Hard Drive Capacity – alerting you before your hard drive fills up, so it won’t lock up the computer
  • plus much more!
To get set up, visit our website and fill in the form. If you want to add the Status Tool to more computers in the future, then just install it and we will automatically update your account.
We also offer volume discounts for larger organisations – please get in touch for costs.

Complete the form below and we'll get in touch to set you up.



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