Hassle-free change

We can help you configure Billings, Daylite, Merlin or MoneyWorks to fit with your business.

Five ‘phases’

During our configure process, we use our unique five-phase approach:

Phase One:

Process review and data gathering
It is important to understand how the organisation currently works.  We talk to team members across the organisation to find out how they they work now and look for what could be improved.  We also look at the way data is currently stored and processed.

Phase two:

Configure and installation
Once we know how a system needs to work we can configure the solution to suit your organisation and introduce some changes that can streamline your processes.

Phase three:

Present, fine tune and convert
Once the system has been configured we talk you through each step and process and test the solution with you.  Adjustments are then made to the system before it is rolled out in the organisation.  Any data is converted at this stage and tested before go live.

Phase four:

Go live and training
Once the system has been set up and data converted, we can provide focused training in each of the areas of the system. Using real data and the final system, users become more comfortable with the new methods faster.

Phase five:

Review, adjust and support
Once the system is in daily use we can review how it is being used and refine or customise parts as needed. Users are provided with additional training as required as we support your organisation through the change.

Looking to configure Billings, Daylite, Merlin or MoneyWorks to fit into your business?

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