Billings Pro markup tool


Rutsaert Legal is a law firm based in Luxembourg. They use Billings Pro to track time and invoice clients. They contacted us requesting a custom template to use for invoicing, that would add a 5% surcharge onto each invoice for expenses.


We informed them that we could create a template such as the one requested, but did not recommend this as it would be confusing for accounting purposes, as the payment would be more than Billings Pro would recognise. We therefore suggested a more suitable solution – in the form of a markup tool.

We produced a script that would take the total for the project slips and calculate 5%. It then creates an expense slip reflecting 5% of the project cost, and the client can then invoice as normal.


Rutsaert Legal are now able to invoice clients a 5% expenses charge automatically. This allows them to keep good accounting practices, but still save time by not having to calculate the 5% manually each time they invoice.

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