Billings Pro CSV importer


Pueblo Film use Billings Pro for their time tracking and invoicing. One of their workers use Filemaker to record their working time (due to individual requirements). When it came to tracking their freelancer’s time and invoice it, Pueblo Film would manually enter in one month’s recorded work from an exported CSV file into Billings Pro – which would take nine hours! They contacted us to see if we could help speed up the process.


Nine hours is a lot of time, which could be spent doing much more productive things, so we were very keen to help this client. We designed a custom script that would import a CSV file from the desktop into Billings Pro automatically. To do this they specify in the script the file name to be imported, run the script and five seconds later each slip has been automatically imported into Billings Pro.


Pueblo Film can know automatically import their freelancer’s time, stored in a CSV file, into Billings Pro within five seconds – saving a huge amount of time each month.

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