Project numberer – Billings Pro


Jillani, Shah & Shamim Advocates and Legal Consultants are a Pakistan-based law firm using Billings Pro. They required each project in Billings Pro to have a unique project number, to be used for internal reference purposes. They contacted us after hearing from Marketcircle about similar tools we have provided to other businesses.


We provided them with a custom script that could be run to create a new project. Before a new project is created, they run the script which takes a unique project number from the database and creates a project with that number.

We identified there was a possible risk of numbers being duplicated – especially if a few people were creating new projects at the same time. To minimise this, the script forces a sync to the server when a new project is created, greatly reducing the risk of duplication.


Jillani, Shah & Shamim Advocates and Legal Consultants can now create projects in Billings Pro with a unique project number. This saves the company time in having to manually create project numbers and reduces the risk of duplication.

This is a very common request and we are able to implement for Daylite 3 and 4, as well as Billings Pro. 

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