Manage your projects with the tool of a pro!

Merlin is the best Project Management tool for Mac – and we can help you get the most out of it. We go beyond offering training alone, we are there to support your business in rolling out Merlin across your projects.e

Try or subscribe to Merlin Project on Project Wizards website.

On site training

Sometimes training needs that personal touch – that’s why we will come to your office and train up to 8 of your staff (we can train more, but we think this number works best) in using Merlin. We don’t work out of a book, each training is individually tailored to suit you and your company and the way you work.

We also believe in a practical approach, we get you doing what we train and help you work on real projects – that way no one falls asleep after a three hour lecture with 200 slides!

Classroom training courses

We run public training courses on Merlin in central London regularly and occasionally elsewhere in the UK.

Our training is over two days, by the end you will be working in Merlin more confidently and efficiently. You will be able to take a project through from planning to completion, using the tools in Merlin to track time, money and deliverables of the project.

More information can be found on course page or call us on 0203 390 5549.

Remote coaching

If you’re confident using Merlin but maybe want help with a particular feature or just need some advice or extra support on managing a project, our remote coaching service could be the solution for you.

We can carry out a screenshare and work with you remotely to master Merlin or perfect projects.

Enhancing Merlin

Merlin can be enhanced, automated or integrated to other apps. ProjectWizards have numerous examples available on their website. If you have an idea for a way to enhance Merlin and would like some help, then contact us for a chat.

Merlin Cloud Hosting

Lgo now offer Merlin Cloud Hosting allowing you to collaborate better on Projects with all the benefits of Merlin Server but none of the hassle of hosting your own server. Please visit our Merlin Cloud page for more information.

Having problems?

If you need an extra hand setting up Merlin or getting it working, give us a call on 0203 390 5549 for a chat
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